5 Health Benefits of Ginseng
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As an adaptogen, ginseng packs a lot of benefits for the body in order to run smoothly. From stress and fatigue reduction to maintaining sexual health, this herb is widely used in East Asia, and for a good reason. Ginseng is also one of the ingredients found in Herbamojo's concoction and can bring you tremendous health benefits which we will be discussing on this week's journal.

1. Gives you more energy

As we're living in a increasingly fast-paced world, high levels of stress is very common. A lot of people might feel both mentally and physically tired, and might further develop into chronic fatigue. Stimulants like caffeine are often used to boost energy in individuals. However, ginseng can also be a good alternative as it can raise hormone levels and help you generate energy to cope with your daily routine. Research have also shown that ginseng may be effective as a stimulant in treating fatigue, especially when you take it regularly.

2. Lower stress levels

Another side effect of living in a fast-paced lifestyle is stress. However, fret not, as many studies have shown that ginseng is an excellent anti-stress agent and is able to reduce the body’s stress response. The compounds found in ginseng, called ginsenosides, nourishes the adrenal glands and reduces stress hormone like cortisol. In other words, ginseng may help our bodies cope better with chronic stress and the risks it might project, such as the development of anxiety and depression.

3. Maintains immunity levels

Ginsenosides, a compound that is found in ginseng, also has an anti-inflammatory effects which can naturally reduce inflammation in the body and indirectly maintains immunity levels. Research have shown that frequent consumption of ginseng may help prevent infection, as ginsenosides combats inflammation and affects immune system with better resistance to fight future pathogens. Therefore, ginseng may have beneficial effects in maintaining the immune system levels.

4. Improves sexual function

As natural alternative, ginseng can also be used when it comes to maintaining sexual health. Research have shown that ginseng can improve sexual function through stimulation of the adrenal cortex. This, in return, promotes the production of sex hormones and improve libido. Ginseng's ability to lower stress levels also helps to manage fluctuations in sex drive.

A number of studies have also shown ginseng as an effective treatment for reducing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, as well as improving male fertility. Male who takes ginseng supplements regularly tend to have higher sperm counts and increased sperm motility, so it is surely recommended as a complementary treatment option for men with infertility caused by low sperm count.

5. Improves memory and brain power

Ginseng is also known for its memory enhancement potential. Studies show that combination of ginkgo biloba and ginseng can improve mental performance and memory up to 7.5 percent. Therefore, ginseng’s potential to improve memory can also be utilized for Alzheimer’s and dementia treatment for elderly people.