7 Health Benefits of Tribulus
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As one of the ingredients found in Herbamojo, tribulus is a plant known to enhance sexual functions as well as maintaining health. Used as a nutritional supplement, the plant extract may help increase libido by raising levels of certain hormones, including testosterone. Moreover, it is alo known to help resolve certain health issues like sexual dysfunction to high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. On this week's journal, we will be explaining further about the benefits of consuming this herb to improve your well-being. Read on!

1. Increases sexual drive

After 30 years of age, studies show that male's testosterone level tends to decline gradually. This can happen even more when the individual rarely exercises. Therefore, taking tribulus extract may prove beneficial because of the many sexual advantages it offers. Tribulus contains an important steroidal saponin, known as protodioscin, that is considered to be the main compound responsible for the herb’s therapeutic effect on libido and sexual potency in men. Research has found that Tribulus terrestris may improve libido in men with reduced sex drives.

2. Helps resolve sexual dysfunction

As its function to boost male libido, taking tribulus supplement may result in more frequent and stronger erections, thus increasing sexual function in men. Research have shown that this also makes tribulus able to help overcome erectile dysfunction (ED).

3. Improves fertility in men

As a potent herb used to manage sexual issues in men, taking tribulus supplement frequently can also help aid male fertility. Research have shown that by taking a certain dosage of tribulus supplement may help in increasing sperm count and improve sperm quality.

4. Increase energy levels

Another benefit of consuming tribulus extract is increased energy levels. Its ability to provide more energy enables you to engage in more activities, including doing more exercises, which in turn can improve your immunity and enhance your overall mood.

5. Diabetes

Tribulus may also help fight diabetes, as it can help lower blood sugar level and LDL cholesterol. Saponins and cinnamic acid contained in this herb effectively block enzymes that digest starches and sugars, keeping blood sugar levels stable and prevents it from spiking after a meal. It also increases insulin levels, which helps transport sugar from the blood and into the cells.

6. Improves heart health

Saponins in tribulus can also help protect heart cells from oxidative stress and harmful chemicals, improving your overall heart health. Studies have also shown that tribulus may reduce excessive blood clotting that clogs blood vessels in people with heart disease. It also acts very similar to drugs commonly prescribed for high blood pressure. By consuming this herb frequently, it is able to reduce blood pressure by decreasing the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), an enzyme that increases blood pressure by constricting blood vessels.

7. Prevent kidney stones formation

Last but not least, tribulus may also help prevent kidney damage and flush kidney stones by acting as a diuretic. Kidney stones occur when calcium oxalate build up and forms crystals, which bind to kidney cells and injure them. An extract of tribulus fruit prevented calcium oxalate from clumping and forming crystals in kidney cells, while also protecting the cells from oxalate damage. Additionally, tribulus' diuretic action help increase the release of mineral and fluids from the body via urine, which may help clear kidney stones